Business magazine highlights the need to battle racial injustice (and gender inequality)

From an unexpected source, here is a piece on the Forbes website about why race and gender inequalities cannot be addressed in isolation


Dara P. Richardson-Heron, CEO of the YWCA USA says, “Unfortunately, many women face tremendous challenges based on the combined negative impacts of their gender, race, and lack of economic parity. All of these issues are intimately connected. Gender inequality, racial injustice and lack of economic empowerment, when encountered in isolation and certainly when encountered together, create an unequal playing field that has the real potential to limit the educational achievement, economic potential and overall success attained by girls, women and ultimately their families. At the YWCA, we feel that in order to successfully break down the many societal and institutional barriers impacting the lives of women, all of these issues must be considered and addressed simultaneously.”

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