What’s ‘race’ got to do with Miss America? Maybe a white history month will help clarify…

Check out this Jezebel piece on backlash against an ethnically-Asian Miss America being crowned

One poster wrote:

‘It’s always fascinating that such strict nativists, who likely hate foreigners who speak other languages, take no pride in the English language and using it fluently’

This really is a case of intersectionality at work.

Here are all the questions running through my mind:

Isn’t the Miss America pageant an outdated, sexist spectacle?

Is the comment about correctly using the English language really an expression of class positionality?

How do some Americans continue to assert no people of color can be fellow citizens? This is truly wishful thinking, or denial, contrary to major evidence of history, law, and policy

From where does this animus arise against a women getting a title that is pretty meaningless when you remember that we live in a country suffering from such gross socioeconomic inequality– in which most white people are not among the privileged few???

Read these thoughtful responses to the backlash:

And this satirical post reminds us of how much white privilege informs the backlash:

Writer: aj

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